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We have shirts in stock!


Welcome to ZZZ Pawn Shop!

We are an independently owned Pawn shop and Jewelry store, in the business of making loans on almost anything of value that is in good working condition. In an effort to maximize your loan amount all incoming merchandise is completely tested. We specialize in High Dollar Jewelry Loans and Buys! Our skilled assessor uses the skills needed to calculate the highest dollar amount for the customer.

Our staff is the customer’s edge for proper evaluation and identification of your jewelry. Simply, better identification means More Money for our customer, no matter if the choice is a loan or the direct sale of your merchandise. This principal holds true on all other items of Value! Our testing and inspection process insures greater dollar amounts on any electronics or household items with its original parts and in good working condition.

We’ll buy, sell or trade anything of value.

We also do FFL transfers!

ANY GUN just $20.00!



Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit one of our affiliate stores:

AF Pawn

American fork pawn Shop

88 West Main St

American Fork UT 84003

(801) 763-5500

Provo Pawn

Provo Pawn Shop

436 W Center St

Provo, UT 84601

(801) 607-1881




  • Tools
  • Gold
  • Jewelry
  • TV’s
  • Scrap Jewelry
  • Cameras
  • Musical Instruments
  • AMMO
  • Rims & Tires
  • Motorcycles
  • Trailers
  • Video Games & Players
  • Computers
  • Construction Equipment
  • DVD’s
  • CD’s
  • iPod’s
  • Car Audio
  • Home Audio
  • Watches
  • Cash On Almost Anything Of Value


  1. 03 August 11, 10:38am

    Excellent shop, very clean!

    • admin
      12 August 11, 4:26am


      • Fred
        23 July 12, 10:48am

        Would you give me 90.00for a silver sony psp?

        • admin
          24 August 12, 6:57pm


      • Weston
        18 December 12, 3:57am

        How much would a motherboard (with the heat syncs) would it cost?
        Please respond ASAP

        • admin
          19 December 12, 9:34pm

          Depends on revision

      • travis lee
        28 February 13, 1:09am

        i was just seeing if you guys buy sports cards

        • admin
          04 March 13, 6:45pm


    • mike
      17 March 14, 12:43pm

      I’m getting married don’t want to hawk my ar15 since it took me so long to get it but do you guy give loans out on guns

      • admin
        18 March 14, 6:34pm


  2. Logan
    27 March 12, 10:57pm

    if i were to bring in a original X-BOX with all the cords, 2 controllers, 3 games. what would you give me?

    • admin
      09 April 12, 5:54am

      It depends on what a couple things, your best bet is to bring it in to the store.


      • logan
        13 April 12, 12:03am

        i get paid tomorrow will you give me one of the white x-box 360’s for $100?

        • admin
          05 May 12, 8:21pm


  3. Dennis
    18 April 12, 2:57am

    GREAT to deal with very personable and great prices!!!

    • admin
      05 May 12, 8:19pm

      Thanks so much Dennis, come back anytime!


  4. jasmine
    01 May 12, 5:13pm

    If I bring in an iPod do I need to format it and restore it to factory settings first? It’s used but relatively new, in really good condition, and has some music on it.

    • admin
      05 May 12, 8:19pm

      Nope, you can bring it in as it is.


  5. hayden
    14 May 12, 1:27am

    hi i have a assassins fender electric guitar i bought it for 250 how much could you give me??? thanks, hayden

    • admin
      16 May 12, 7:51pm

      I probably would not be able to take that guitar in…

  6. Colt Hopkins
    20 June 12, 11:49pm

    do you sell longboards and if so whats your lowest price

    • admin
      26 June 12, 10:51pm

      Yes, longboards vary on price and also change on quantity daily. The price would be anywhere from about 50.00 to 250.00

  7. burton losee
    03 July 12, 3:00am

    my mom sold my ipad there has it sold yet 🙂

    • admin
      03 July 12, 3:06am

      I believe so.

    • admin
      24 August 12, 6:58pm

      I believe so

  8. Umadbro
    18 July 12, 7:21pm

    Do you guys have Battletoads?

    • admin
      24 August 12, 6:58pm

      Check our ads

  9. Gunnar Ballard
    25 July 12, 6:35pm

    I have a black Xbox 360 with all the cords how much would you give me for it?

    • admin
      09 October 12, 5:09pm

      Swing it by

  10. Fred
    27 July 12, 7:42am

    What is your lowest working ps3 cost? Thanks

    • admin
      24 August 12, 6:57pm

      They vary from 160.00 and up

  11. John
    07 August 12, 4:10am

    This is such a bad ass pawn shop. This place sells excellent equipment and helps a lot of people. I have had so many people get excellent items from over here! Everyone should go here!!!

    • admin
      24 August 12, 6:56pm

      Thanks! WE try and help people out best we can!

    • admin
      09 October 12, 5:09pm

      Thank You!

  12. Greg Kimmel
    13 August 12, 6:00pm

    Do You Fix The Red Ring Of Death On My Xbox?

    • admin
      24 August 12, 6:52pm


  13. colt hopkins
    14 August 12, 4:54am

    whats your lowest ipad price

    • admin
      24 August 12, 6:52pm

      They vary in price

    • admin
      24 August 12, 6:53pm

      They vary in pirce

  14. takeen
    23 September 12, 8:28am

    how much is a xbox 360 slim with 2 contrallars

    • admin
      09 October 12, 5:08pm

      would be about 200

  15. David Purbaugh
    16 October 12, 8:20pm

    I was wondering how much it would cost to fix a broken ethernet port on an original xbox 360? The port is still attach to the board but can wiggle now and the console does not recognize when an ethernet cable is inserted.

    • admin
      18 October 12, 7:33pm

      Not worth fixxing, your better off buying a new console

  16. Amy
    23 October 12, 5:44pm

    I was wondering if you happen to have the 3rd rock from the sun season 5 dvd and how much it would be?

    • admin
      27 November 12, 5:40pm

      WE do not have a list of our movies, they are all in alphabetic order, you can stop by and see.


  17. alex
    25 October 12, 4:25am

    do you have any RC trucks?

    • admin
      27 November 12, 5:40pm

      We have two crawlers left at the moment

  18. Kevin
    11 November 12, 3:27am

    Your ad says you trade, so does your sign and your business card but when I brought some stuff in to trade your employees said you don’t do any trading. so, which is it then? I am sure other people would like to know too.

    • admin
      27 November 12, 5:43pm

      We do trading but we are a Pawn Shop and so we are not looking to always trade for items. Even when a trade is done, we would “Buy” the item you have and then “Sell” you an item.

  19. Anthony
    14 November 12, 6:15pm

    Do you guys buy ps3 parts like a working ps3 power unit from inside the ps3??

    • admin
      27 November 12, 5:46pm

      No we do not

  20. Bre
    15 November 12, 10:09pm

    Hi i was wondering how much an ipod touch 4th gen usually is at the shop?

    • admin
      27 November 12, 5:44pm

      Prices change all the time, stop by and take a look

  21. steve
    15 November 12, 11:39pm

    how much could i get for 5 1979 brand new star wars action figures

    • admin
      27 November 12, 5:44pm

      All depends on what they are selling for

  22. Jeff
    19 November 12, 3:28am

    Whats your cheapest working ps3?

    • Jeff
      27 November 12, 5:39am

      It has to be a ps3 slim

      • admin
        27 November 12, 5:45pm

        Slim would be 199.99

    • admin
      27 November 12, 5:45pm

      I believe we have a PS3 PHAT that is 160 or 170

  23. jake
    22 November 12, 7:12am

    whats your cheapest ps3 slim reply asap

    • admin
      27 November 12, 5:45pm


  24. Justin O.
    08 December 12, 8:07am

    I meant to call u today and spaced it cause i was so busy fixin my truck. I purchased a $150 loan from u with collateral in the form of a TRAXXASS SLASH 4X4 with Mamba Monster motor and ESC modification including a remote and 4 cell lipo battery pack. I told u i would pick it up on 12/07/12. Due to the holidays i will b unable to pick it up till 12/14/12. I hope this is ok with u. That car is my baby and i dont want to lose it. Its worth way more than $150 and WAY more than its true cash value to me. I will still call tomorrow incase u dont get this and will b in next week. Thank u for the loan and for your time reading this letter.

    • admin
      19 December 12, 9:37pm

      No problem, just stop by

  25. bob
    17 December 12, 11:54pm

    Would you give a loan on a CV radio anda programmer for a ford diesel truck

  26. Weston
    18 December 12, 4:01am

    How much would ti be for one of the the motherboards for the xbox 360 white hdmi.

    • admin
      18 December 12, 8:17am


  27. Weston
    19 December 12, 2:14am

    How much would it be to fix an overheating xbox 360 problem
    Secondary error code 0101

    • admin
      19 December 12, 9:34pm

      If it has been messed with already I may not work on it. If it has not, it would be 50.00

  28. nathan
    27 December 12, 9:42pm

    would you guys trade a paint ball gun and a playstatoin 2 for an ipod touch

    • admin
      28 December 12, 2:10am

      Depends on which paintball gun, what all comes with it, and condition of your items.

    • admin
      06 January 13, 10:27pm

      I do t believe we coukd do that

  29. nathan
    27 December 12, 9:46pm

    i ment if i bring in a paintball gun and a playstation 2 would you trade for a ipod third gen

    • admin
      28 December 12, 2:10am

      Need to know more info on what items you have

  30. Kourtni
    31 December 12, 5:52pm

    How late are you open on new years eve?

    • admin
      31 December 12, 10:53pm

      Open til 6PM

  31. Tyler
    01 January 13, 11:25pm

    How much are the newest ipod nanos?

    • admin
      09 January 13, 6:04pm

      We do not have any of the NEWEST ipod nanos

  32. owen
    06 January 13, 10:24pm

    I am looking to sell a womans watch that ipaid 700 for and a goose.neck adapter,for a fifth wheel just wondering if you would buy them from me

    • admin
      06 January 13, 10:27pm

      What brand is the watch? Model? Samr on the hitch?

      • owen
        06 January 13, 10:36pm

        the watch is a wittnauer swiss with saphire and the gooseneck adapter is colibert 7500 lb vertical load

        • owen
          07 January 13, 3:54am

          the watch is brand new still in the box and the plastic is still on it has never been worn or taken out of the box

          • owen
            07 January 13, 7:28pm

            I was wondering if you were intetested in these items so I could come in to day or tomorrow

          • admin
            09 January 13, 6:03pm

            You can swing them by…

          • admin
            09 January 13, 6:03pm


        • admin
          09 January 13, 6:03pm

          We would have to see the items, can not guarantee we can do anything on them

    • admin
      09 January 13, 6:04pm


  33. spencer
    12 January 13, 6:16pm

    how much is it to resurface games and when can u do it

    • admin
      20 January 13, 12:03am


  34. spencer
    12 January 13, 6:22pm

    do you have any xbox 360 slim hdmi cables if you do how much

  35. spencer
    12 January 13, 6:24pm

    do you have any rc trucks if so how much

  36. spencer
    12 January 13, 6:25pm

    do you sell airsoft guns if so what is you price range

    • admin
      20 January 13, 12:02am

      Yes. just depends on the day

  37. 16 January 13, 2:01am

    “zzzpawnshop.com & http://WWW.XBADVANCE.COM” was indeed seriously pleasurable and enlightening!
    Within the present day world that’s really difficult to carry out.
    Many thanks, Magdalena

  38. Fred
    26 January 13, 1:42am

    what city is zzz pawn in

    • admin
      27 January 13, 12:58am

      In Spanish Fork, Utah

      230 North Main St
      Spanish Fork, UT. 84660

  39. bry
    27 January 13, 2:56am

    do you have any wii plus remotes

    • admin
      01 February 13, 3:26am


  40. Karla
    31 January 13, 4:53pm

    Can you fix other things on an Xbox ? My baby likes to open and close the disc part and must have pushed on it and now it won’t close big brothers are ready to die over not being able to play it

    • admin
      01 February 13, 3:26am

      Yes I can repair it, 20.00

  41. Braxton
    06 February 13, 2:24am

    How much would you give me for a 2006 specialized rockhopper comp. mountain bike

    • admin
      06 February 13, 2:33am

      Need to know frame size, what components it has, what condition tires are in, and most importantly what price you were wanting to get for it?

      • Braxton
        06 February 13, 5:18pm

        Frame size is 19, it has shamano brakes, shifters and gears and a brand new chain. The tires are at like 60 % and i was wanting to get like 450

        • admin
          09 February 13, 3:42am

          Ya your price is a little to high for us to take it in and then resell it and make some money on it… Thanks for the offer

  42. 17 February 13, 4:42pm

    I have a 10k gold necklace im trying to sell i paid 550 for it.. I’m just looking for 250. How much could u guys do it’s brand new necklace..

    • admin
      19 February 13, 1:42am

      I need to know weight and if its 14, 18,… bring it by

  43. Lisa
    06 March 13, 11:26pm

    What hours are you open?

    • admin
      09 March 13, 6:12pm

      Monday thru Saturday 10-6

  44. Zoey
    29 March 13, 10:21pm

    You guys are awesome!!

    • admin
      08 April 13, 11:30pm


  45. Haley
    01 April 13, 2:51pm

    Do you have to be 18 or older to pawn something?

    • admin
      08 April 13, 11:31pm

      Yes 18 and with Valid/current ID

  46. Tanner Malmgren
    02 May 13, 12:44pm

    I live about an hour and half away from you guys so don’t get to make it up there that often, but I’ll be up there today and I have a brand new never worn 2 cTw White Gold Princess cut Bridge over Water engagement ring. I believe I bought it through Samuels jewelers. The price tag on it was $5999.99 and I need to get rid of this in a bad way for the fairest price possible. I’ve heard good things about you guys and I know you can’t do a whole lot for me over an email. But if you think that’s something you might want to take a look at. I’d be more than happy to come find you guys and talk it out. Let me know. Thanks I appreciate your time. My names Tanner. Num. (435) 851-2439

    • admin
      04 May 13, 5:31pm

      We would suggest running the ring around to a few shops so you can get a feel for what it would be worth. After this stop by and we can probably offer you more than that. Jewelry is always over priced in a Jewelry Store.

  47. Richard
    04 May 13, 4:02pm

    Bought stuff from a lot of pawn shops, I must say yours is the MOST UNFRIENDLY VPISS POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever encountered. You ordered me out of your shop for trying to return a golf club. You are one big a hole. I’d love to see you post these comments like they were written. Richard

    • admin
      04 May 13, 5:36pm

      When someone comes in to my shop and tells me they are going to leave something there and call their credit card company and deny the charge, we don’t do well with it. We also put it very clear on the receipt that all sales are final. Mainly because people have buyers remorse or maybe in your case, your golf swing was not improved with the club. What ever it may be, always remember to keep your cool. We are sorry to lose you as a customer and hope you the best!

      • -
        12 June 16, 1:37am

        go to ZZZ Pawn!!!! this place is Awesome! They are awesome to their customers and always try to help. EZ Pawn does a piss poor way to treat their customers….

  48. Scout Johnson
    14 May 13, 7:22pm

    Do you guys have long boards?

    • admin
      15 May 13, 4:49pm

      Yes we do

  49. Colton Elliott
    30 May 13, 6:13pm

    Would you give me 80 for a 4th gen iPod touch? Good as new no cracks

    • admin
      30 May 13, 7:56pm

      Would have to see it…

  50. Jennifer
    06 June 13, 1:00am

    I have a PS3 with the “red light of death”, I was told that you can fix it. If so, how much?

    • admin
      07 June 13, 8:20pm

      We dont fix them

  51. jose lopez
    06 June 13, 11:49pm

    How much could i get for my specialized rockhopper comp 29 . Its a 2009-2010 model .

    • admin
      07 June 13, 8:20pm

      How much are you trying to get?

  52. vincent
    13 June 13, 11:24am

    do you take broken phones and would you do a trade for an xbox 360 for a galaxy s3 or 4 xbox is slim 250 GB

    • admin
      20 June 13, 6:06pm

      very few phones we take in broken, we could buy your xbox 360 but doubt we would be able to just trade.


  53. nathan
    09 August 13, 3:28pm

    do you guys install a ps3 disc drive for free if we already have a new disc drive

    • admin
      09 August 13, 3:31pm

      If you are asking if we do Free labor, the answer is no. Yes we can install your drive, but I hope you do realize that you can not simply switch a ps3 drive and there are different revisions of the drives…

      • nathan
        09 August 13, 3:34pm

        if i do have the right one how much is it going to cost

        • admin
          09 August 13, 4:40pm

          I can not install your parts, I would have to pass on working on Your system

  54. john
    09 August 13, 4:31pm

    would you guys tade a 9 inch tablet baox and charger for a ps3 and paddle

  55. Colt Swenson
    11 August 13, 7:38pm

    I’m wondering if u guys have any game/trail cameras?

    • admin
      10 September 13, 9:23pm

      We do not

  56. Edgar
    06 September 13, 9:50pm

    Would you also happen to have Xbox Live Membership cards?

    • admin
      10 September 13, 9:24pm

      We do not

      • Edgar Gomez
        18 September 13, 1:39am

        Do you guys have the xbox 360 game Gears of war Judgment?

        • admin
          18 September 13, 1:51am

          Call shop 801-798-7444 10-6

  57. chris bailey
    16 September 13, 10:22am

    I have a dean razorback with case two amps and pedals would u guys be interested

    • admin
      18 September 13, 1:52am

      No thanks

  58. Hayden
    17 September 13, 9:52pm

    Do u have farcry 3 for the Xbox 360

    • admin
      18 September 13, 1:52am

      Call shop tomorrow … 10-6

  59. 28 September 13, 2:28pm

    Would you buy a snowboard?

    • admin
      29 September 13, 12:09am


  60. Edgar
    28 September 13, 11:30pm

    Also my Xbox is a 250 gb and can I also trade games

    • admin
      29 September 13, 12:10am

      Sorry we couldn’t do a straight trade…

  61. admin
    29 September 13, 12:08am

    No thanks

  62. admin
    29 September 13, 12:11am

    No thanks

  63. Mike
    29 September 13, 2:40am

    Can you guys repair a PS3 Dualshock3 controller (R1-R2, the circuit paper slipped out of the button and I can’t put it back in place). If so, how much?

    Do you have any wired 360 controllers? If so, how much?

    • admin
      09 October 13, 12:53am

      Sorry we do not repair the controllers…

  64. jason
    01 October 13, 4:03am

    What would you guys pay for a weatherby vanguard s1 in .308. Only had 3 rounds through it. Looks brand new

    • admin
      09 October 13, 12:56am

      How much are you trying to get? Does it come with scope? Original box? ammo?

  65. Walker Burr
    03 October 13, 4:18pm

    how much would you give me for a 3ds in perfect shape with a game?

    • admin
      09 October 13, 12:56am

      Depends on condition, how much are you trying to get?

  66. Bridger
    05 October 13, 11:09pm

    How much would a Xbox be in good condition and a controller?

    • admin
      09 October 13, 12:57am

      Original XBOX we do not buy

  67. Trever
    11 October 13, 4:59pm

    Do you have any .22 Pistols right now? If so how much were you going to sell them for? Thanks.

    • admin
      11 October 13, 7:21pm

      If we have any they would be in our “guns for sale” section.


  68. harrison m
    15 October 13, 1:04am

    can I buy one of you 3ds for 120$ or what
    LOVE the shop

    • admin
      15 October 13, 7:22pm

      I could do 130.00 Cash…

  69. Ryan
    18 October 13, 7:45pm

    Do y’all have any binoculars or spotting scopes in your shop right now? If so could you give me a price range please

    • admin
      30 October 13, 6:33pm

      Check KSL for what we have

  70. Taylor Dutson
    30 October 13, 12:32am

    Do you replace iphone 4 screens? And for how much?

    • admin
      30 October 13, 6:33pm

      We do not

  71. 14 November 13, 11:21pm

    do you except rare toys?

    • admin
      15 November 13, 6:45pm

      Some of them

  72. 16 November 13, 4:03am

    how much would you give me for a box of legos?

    • admin
      16 November 13, 8:37pm

      Dont know if we would do anything, are they brand new?

  73. admin
    21 November 13, 3:17am

    Depends on what they are selling for…

  74. 22 November 13, 12:53pm

    hey how you guys doing i was wonderin if u guys are intrested in a NEC audio/ video surround amplifier av-250 its in great shap,no dents .works wonderful

    • admin
      23 November 13, 9:04pm

      No thanks

  75. 22 November 13, 1:02pm

    Hey i have another one to this one is in great shape its called an Yamaha natural sound stereo receiver RX-V480 in great shape also …?

    • admin
      23 November 13, 9:04pm

      No thanks

  76. joe
    13 December 13, 4:23am

    How much do you guys sell your cheap xbox 360 controller

    • admin
      14 December 13, 6:34pm

      19.99 Gamestop corded

  77. shae
    15 December 13, 7:14pm

    Hi i am looking for an ipod touch 4th genetation.16GB in great shape, do u have any for good prices

    • admin
      15 December 13, 7:22pm

      Typically we would have 2-10 but its Christmas. Right now I believe we are out. Call shop Monday

  78. xavier suarez
    25 December 13, 10:55pm

    would you give me 200 for a white i phone 4s?

    • admin
      29 December 13, 11:29pm

      Sorry we would not

  79. carla
    07 January 14, 8:45pm

    Great shop very clean, awesome customer service

  80. Rishelle
    13 January 14, 4:49pm

    What are your hours?

    • admin
      13 January 14, 4:52pm

      10-6 Mon – Sat

  81. Eric
    21 February 14, 8:05pm

    Do you have any blu ray drives for desktop computers?

    • admin
      22 February 14, 11:55pm

      Sorry we do not

  82. nathan
    25 February 14, 10:39pm

    I bough ta screen for my ipod and am scared to replace it how much do you charge

    • admin
      26 February 14, 2:16am

      Which model ipod touch do you have?

  83. nathan
    25 February 14, 10:44pm

    do I have to be 18

    • admin
      26 February 14, 2:17am

      For a repair no, to pawn something, yes.

  84. nathan
    25 February 14, 10:49pm

    can I just replace the digitizer do I have to replace the lcd and the digitizer

    • admin
      26 February 14, 2:17am

      Which model ipod touch?

  85. travis
    26 February 14, 12:28am

    i was just asking if you guys buy sports cards and how much do you buy them for

    • admin
      26 February 14, 2:18am

      It possible but they would have to be very collectible

  86. Bryce
    27 February 14, 5:45am

    Hi zzzpawnshop. I saw some of rc on sales from ksl classification. I would like to know what you got right now? I’m looking for 1/5 or 1/8 scale rc. Thanks looking forward to hear from Ya soon.

    Bye bye

    • admin
      25 March 14, 6:57am

      Just have what is listed on KSL…

  87. nathan
    04 April 14, 2:24am

    do you guys put on bike chains

    • admin
      07 April 14, 7:19pm

      We could, but we do not sell them

  88. daxton
    20 April 14, 2:41am

    Do you buy motorcycles I have a 2006 r
    Yz 250 piped andmore aftermarket parts

    • admin
      20 April 14, 2:48am

      Yes we do. How much are you trying to get for it?

  89. admin
    21 April 14, 3:39pm

    Yes we would be interested, how much are you trying to get for it?

    • admin
      01 May 14, 12:01am

      Don’t knowbif I can get to 85.00 for it but you can swing them by

  90. Josh
    26 April 14, 6:40pm

    Saw you had a Smith and Wesson M&P 22, is that still available, or have you sold it?

    • admin
      02 May 14, 4:59pm

      Yes we still have it

  91. admin
    30 April 14, 9:50pm

    How much are you trying to get?

  92. 02 May 14, 10:12am

    I noticed you had a bulova watch for sale I can get a new one off amazon for 200 bones can u guys drop the price of the one u have used from 159 too say 100? If so I will come by this weekend and pick it up.

    • admin
      02 May 14, 5:07pm

      Bet price i can do is 160.00 Cash out the door.

  93. admin
    04 May 14, 8:05pm

    Just a few. Stop by

  94. admin
    04 May 14, 8:06pm

    10-6 Mon – sat

  95. bobby west
    30 May 14, 12:20am

    do you guys sell bluray movies

    • admin
      30 May 14, 12:27am


  96. admin
    01 June 14, 3:28pm


  97. SUPERHappy
    21 June 14, 9:37pm

    I have purchased a ipod from your business. Very reputable business practices, I’ll be happy to tell others about your customer service.


    • admin
      07 July 14, 6:07pm


  98. Jeff
    24 June 14, 4:42pm

    Do you have any brass or turqouise belt buckles?

    • admin
      07 July 14, 6:07pm

      I believe we do, you would have to stop in and check.

  99. bre
    06 July 14, 9:55pm

    Do you guys buy DVDs? And for how much?

    • admin
      06 July 14, 10:04pm


    • admin
      07 July 14, 6:08pm

      Some DVDs, cant be real old or Dollar store DVDs

  100. James
    30 July 14, 2:12am

    DO NOT SHOP HERE!!! Horrible costumer service. Extremely unhelpful and rude. I attempted to sell some gold and silver at this store and the employee did not tell me the purity of my gold or silver and insisted that I figure it out. I told him I was unsure what the purity it was and that I didn’t know what a fair price would be. The employee just told me well figure it out. So I said I guess we won’t do business and left. However, the employee said get the F$#% out of my store! There was no reason for him to say that. I would not advice people to do business here ever!

    • admin
      30 July 14, 2:41am

      I also said “don’t let the door hit you in the ass”.

      • James
        30 July 14, 4:41am

        Your right, I was an unreasonable customer. I was just having a bad day, I take back what I said. Thank you

        • admin
          30 July 14, 4:42am

          Again, stop robbing your grandparents jewelry…

  101. catman
    08 August 14, 7:51pm

    Awesome Pawn Shop!

  102. Travis lee
    12 August 14, 1:04am

    Do you know anyone that takes stuff that is 23k gold plated

    • admin
      12 August 14, 1:07am

      I don’t know of anyone who takes plated gold

  103. admin
    22 August 14, 6:54pm

    We do not take them

  104. Dakota
    15 September 14, 2:13am

    I have a pebble blue galaxy s3 with an orange and como otter box. Both in good condition. Would you be willing to trade for an iphone 5? Black or white.

    • admin
      15 September 14, 3:22am

      No thanks

  105. cj
    25 September 14, 7:09pm

    Do you have in any Kahr PM9 or CM9? also prices?

    • admin
      25 September 14, 7:16pm


    • admin
      25 September 14, 7:16pm


  106. Tearrived
    02 October 14, 12:09am

    Do you loan on porclein dolls, Marie osmond , with card of authenticty

    • admin
      15 October 14, 11:04pm

      We do not

  107. Brynn
    02 October 14, 6:00pm

    Do you have any N64 controllers and how much??

    • admin
      02 October 14, 6:02pm

      We do not

  108. 23 October 14, 4:28am

    Do you buy diabetic supplies that are unopened? Ex blood strips, blood meters, and needles?

    • admin
      22 November 14, 11:19pm

      No we do not

  109. Tyler Whitehead
    16 November 14, 12:34am

    How much are your Xbox 360 slim 250gb

    • admin
      22 November 14, 11:20pm


  110. Amanda Cheney
    16 January 15, 5:05pm

    Do you have any Wii systems? Preferably black but I will take white. How much is it?

    • admin
      16 January 15, 5:07pm


      • Amanda Cheney
        16 January 15, 5:12pm

        How much is it?

        • admin
          16 January 15, 5:28pm


  111. Bo Keitel
    30 January 15, 11:20pm

    A bunch of incompetent douche bags work at this place. Any good review you read about this place is most likely from somebody affiliated with a member of this establishment.

    • admin
      31 January 15, 1:21am

      Thanks! ;0)

  112. Peter
    01 February 15, 1:53am

    Hello. Do you guys give loans for top of the line dildo’s? My wife left me, she doesn’t need them anymore. Thanks.

    • admin
      01 February 15, 2:01am

      No but my buddies shop might. .. Provo Pawn 801-607-1881

    • admin
      01 February 15, 2:02am

      Call Provo Pawn 801-607-1881, they might. Ask for Reed. We would not be interested in them.

  113. Kristen
    20 February 15, 7:34pm

    I am looking for DVDs. Do you have DVDs? How much are they?

    • admin
      20 February 15, 7:36pm

      Yes. 3.00 a piece or 4 for 10.00. Kids dvds are 5.00 a piece or 4 for 16.00. New sealed dvds are 5.00 a piece.

  114. admin
    27 February 15, 12:25am


  115. admin
    11 March 15, 7:53pm


  116. admin
    10 April 15, 1:47am

    We do not

  117. admin
    01 June 15, 11:26pm

    You are more than welcome to make an offer, If you pay cash, I would probably drop it to 110.00 Cash. No Less

  118. admin
    23 July 15, 7:39am

    Call shop 8017987444

  119. admin
    23 July 15, 7:39am

    Bring it by

  120. 17 August 15, 5:27am

    Prosthetic penis attachment? Approximately 3 inches in length, 4 inches in diameter. I lost the majority of my penis to an infection after putting a led zeppelin tattoo on the shaft. I had Jimmy Page’s face tattoed on the head and his mouth was the pee hole, but now that is framed and up on the wall in my office. Its pretty sweet

    • admin
      17 August 15, 5:53am


    • admin
      17 August 15, 5:54am

      So are you looking to sell this?

    • admin
      17 August 15, 5:54am

      Can you send me a picture?

  121. Ashley
    31 August 15, 6:45pm

    Would you take a snowboard with bindings and brand new burton boots for $100

    • admin
      21 September 15, 9:12pm


  122. Amy
    24 September 15, 1:03am

    I’m wondering how much you’d pay for a 1.21 D color AGI certified diamond Princess cut, measurements 5.77 x 5.63 c 4.29mm proportions: total depth 76.2% table 69% finish: cut good polish very good symmetry very good culet none color d clarity enhanced to vs2

    • admin
      24 September 15, 1:04am

      What are you trying to get for it?

  123. Amy
    24 September 15, 1:15am

    $5500. It appraises at $8500 and I paid near appraisal price.

    • admin
      24 September 15, 1:17am

      No thanks

  124. quintin hafen
    29 September 15, 8:18pm

    Do you have a memory card for the Nintendo 64?

    • admin
      01 October 15, 12:28am


    • admin
      25 March 16, 6:47pm

      We do not right now

  125. Casie
    10 October 15, 9:31pm

    Would you buy a ring with a moissanite center stone?

    • admin
      10 October 15, 10:55pm

      Yes, how much are you trying to get?

  126. Kali Geertsen
    31 October 15, 4:58pm

    Would you take a Breg T Scope pre and post op knee brace (was $1,000 without insurance, $500 with)… Barely used wifi router, .380 auto Jimenez pistol with two boxes of 25 Hornady critical defense bullets, and a Smith & Wesson M&P 45 CO2 Pistol.

    • admin
      31 October 15, 11:23pm

      I would have to see the items and know about what you were trying to get for them?

    • admin
      25 March 16, 6:47pm

      I would have to see them…

    • admin
      25 March 16, 6:48pm

      Would have to see them, but not sure if we would

  127. Kamree
    28 November 15, 6:08pm

    How much do you guys usually loan on rings??

    • admin
      28 November 15, 6:10pm

      Depends on weight and size of diamonds

    • Casey
      15 December 15, 1:26am

      What would you give for a black casio g shock in really good condition

      • admin
        04 January 16, 7:26pm

        I would need to know the condition and exact model

  128. Braydon Zeeman
    08 December 15, 3:36pm

    I have and airsoft i bought from a friend, i bought it for 360. and im trying to get rid of it would you guys be willing to buy it for 310 from me if i drop by

    • admin
      10 December 15, 1:43am

      I would have to know what model it is

  129. Braydon Zeeman
    09 December 15, 4:27pm

    Hello I have two really nice air-soft guns I’m selling one of them is all metal gas blow back the other one is a polymer some thing like that but for both I’m selling for about 465 but for the all metal I’m selling for 325 and the other I’m selling for 115 are you guys interested?

    • admin
      10 December 15, 1:44am

      I would need to know Model numbers, also either bring it by or email pics to zzzpawnshop@gmail.com

  130. Leighton eddy
    23 December 15, 6:32am

    How much would you take for a 32″ flat screen tv. It works awesome.

    • admin
      04 January 16, 7:26pm

      I would have to know the make model and condition

  131. Leighton eddy
    15 January 16, 7:08pm

    Do you guys buy mini fridges

    • admin
      23 January 16, 8:26pm

      WE Do not

  132. Jason
    18 January 16, 10:42pm

    Do you buy used CD’s. I have about 200 CD’s. Thank you.

    • admin
      23 January 16, 8:26pm

      WE do not

  133. Kali
    29 January 16, 6:13pm

    How much could I get for a 16gb white iPhone 4s?

    • admin
      10 February 16, 11:17pm

      WOuld Need to see it and also know about how much you are trying to get? Carrier? Unlocked? Damage?

  134. Dillan
    07 February 16, 8:03pm

    How much would you give me for a ds lite with stylus and charger, and Pokemon black. In really good condition.

    • admin
      10 February 16, 11:18pm

      How much are you trying to get?

  135. Ed
    21 March 16, 3:49pm

    Looking for a good deal on a long board for around $100 bucks or so for my son. Can you help me out. Thanks in advance

  136. Gabriel
    03 April 16, 5:21am

    How much do you buy gold at? I am curious because i have a gold dragon necklace pendant that i am looking to sell. I have been told it is real yellow gold, but i don’t know what karat and if its even enough to sell i can send a picture if needed.

    • admin
      21 April 16, 11:13pm

      Would need to see it

  137. Jeff King
    07 April 16, 6:13pm

    Do you pay and sell gold and silver at spot prices?

    • admin
      21 April 16, 11:17pm

      We buy silver and Gold.

  138. 08 April 16, 12:55am

    Will you give me 130$ for my iPhone 5c

    • admin
      21 April 16, 11:17pm

      Sorry we would not

  139. Tom
    16 April 16, 5:22am

    Do u have a 5th wheel. Hitche in your store

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