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  1. Kasey
    09 July 11, 2:10am

    A ok

    • admin
      12 August 11, 4:26am


  2. Aaron Best
    25 June 12, 5:53am

    What do you offer on Sterling silver scrap? I’ve been looking around to see what pawn shop would offer me the most. I buy my Sterling silver frequently at yard sales auctions and Ebay. Thanks for your time Aaron

    • admin
      26 June 12, 10:53pm

      Scrap Coins High, Scrap sterling silver jewelry not as much. Bring it by and we can get you a price.

  3. takeen
    23 September 12, 6:34pm

    how much is a black xbox 360

    • admin
      09 October 12, 5:07pm


  4. banjjo
    06 November 12, 3:20pm

    Do you buy exercise equipment? I have a new spinner fit bike that’s only been used about 5 times. It has three videos with it and the instruction papers. ~Thanks

    • admin
      27 November 12, 5:41pm

      Probably have to pass on it unless you are wanting very little for it.

  5. spencer
    09 February 13, 12:43am

    you guys resurfaced my black ops 2 and assassins creed but they still dont work assassins creed will play on and off and not freeze but black ops wont let me play zombies and the campaign freezes in the middle of a cutscene and ya so i will not resurface there ever again and will tell people to not go 1 star

    • admin
      09 February 13, 3:50am

      Sorry to hear that your Xbox 360 is having an issue with reading the disk. I believe you stopped in today with your Dad and brought in your Black Ops? Anyways we are happy to resurface your games again at no charge but I have been working on game consoles for over 10 years and it sounds to me like your laser may be getting weak or your hard drive is starting to fail and is what is causing the freezing. When a Disk is scratched it will just make the disk unreadable, not FREEZE. We do the resurfacing to help out our customers and there is not really any money made on this service.


  6. jake
    13 February 13, 3:13am

    im sry for the misunderstanding spencer didnt do that it was me

    • admin
      19 February 13, 1:42am

      All Good, all you have to do is communicate with us…


  7. ian
    17 March 13, 3:55pm

    do you take semi precious stones like emeralds rubys topaz etc i have a bunch of cut stones all different kinds and cuts

    • admin
      21 March 13, 3:51pm


    • admin
      23 March 13, 2:21am

      For very very little if we did…

  8. admin
    21 March 13, 3:50pm

    Yes but not for much

  9. 06 April 13, 11:28pm

    What Sega Saturn games do u have

    • admin
      08 April 13, 11:31pm

      Dont have a list, stop by

  10. Andy
    24 April 13, 9:49pm

    Do you have any metal detectors for sale?

    • admin
      27 April 13, 4:37pm

      Not ATM

  11. admin
    04 May 13, 5:30pm

    Yes but unless they are large diamonds or other precious stones, we do not pay a lot. Gold and silver we pay very high on.

  12. Owen Rowe
    09 August 13, 4:39pm

    I was wondering how much I could get for my Wii and Wii fit and 4 controllers and about 15 games. I also am interested in getting a ps3

    • admin
      09 August 13, 4:41pm

      How much are you trying to get?

      • Owen Rowe
        09 August 13, 4:58pm

        I was hoping to get close to the price of a ps3

        • admin
          10 August 13, 6:14pm

          Sorry I could not do that much…

  13. Owen Rowe
    02 November 13, 5:05pm

    Do you have any 9mm handguns for sale

    • admin
      02 November 13, 7:42pm

      We have a Smith & Wesson 9mm and a Luger P08. Check our website for our guns

  14. Tyler
    10 November 13, 5:49am

    Do you have any iPhone 3GS unlocked on your store. And if so for how much?

    • admin
      11 November 13, 6:28pm

      We do not

  15. Don
    15 February 14, 10:08pm

    Do you buy silver?

    • admin
      15 February 14, 10:24pm


  16. Don
    15 February 14, 10:16pm

    what are you paying on silver?

    • admin
      15 February 14, 10:24pm

      bring it on in

  17. Tyler
    02 March 14, 1:42am

    Do you guys have any Wii AV cables, if so, how much do you sell them for?

    • admin
      02 March 14, 1:50am

      Yes. 7.00

  18. admin
    24 April 14, 9:32pm

    How much are you trying to get for them? What size? Brand? Can you send me a picture of them

    • Tyson
      07 August 14, 10:49pm

      Is there any way you could text my cell phone and I we’ll send you some pictures of them and so I can know how Mach I can get for them

      • admin
        08 August 14, 3:25am

        I wouldn’t be Interested in them, sorry

  19. Josh
    28 May 14, 5:59pm

    Do you buy used iPhone 4s 32 gb that are unlocked? And how much do you go for?!

  20. Tyson
    07 August 14, 10:46pm

    Do you buy autographs I have 2 a jason Aldean and Travis Pastrana I need to sale it my number 1435-660-6013 and thanks

  21. admin
    08 August 14, 4:29am

    True. But selling a sign item requires letter of authenticity and someone willing to pay for it…

  22. admin
    29 November 14, 6:10pm

    If you call my shop and start yelling and my 12 year old daughter and telling us how the item you just bought doesn’t work, I will treat you exactly the same. Maybe you were referring to someone else in the store talking about being drunk the night before? Also to clarify, the item you purchased was tested and you were told ALL SALES FINAL. I am sorry you can not figure out how to operate a Smart Remote…

    • Mistreated Customer
      29 November 14, 6:16pm

      The conversation with your daughter was a pleasant one. She was very kind and helpful. There was no yelling. Previously when I came into your store the clerk behind the counter was discussing her previous night and said she was probably still drunk. All we wanted was some help with the remote. Thanks for your amazing customer service. Will be sure to recommend you in the future. I am glad I was not there with my husband today because I would have contacted law enforcement. If this is the way you conduct business I wish you well in the future.

      • admin
        29 November 14, 6:26pm

        I am referring to your husbands conversation over the phone, not when you were in the store. I have to contact law enforcement for yourself al l the time. I wish you the best in what ever you do, when your husband figures out how to program his remote, you will see all of this could have been very easily avoided if you would have just blamed the right person.

  23. Jason
    28 January 15, 2:56pm

    Would you guys give a loan on an epi les paul flametop plustop/pro? It has emg 81/85’s and a floyd rose tremolo.

    • admin
      28 January 15, 5:04pm

      How much are you trying to get?

  24. Mandy
    03 February 15, 9:31pm

    How much would you give me for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for PS3. Brand New condition.

    • admin
      03 February 15, 9:51pm

      Mayne a couple dollars

  25. Mandy
    23 February 15, 4:08pm

    I have a 19″ Dell HD flat screen computer monitor. How much would you give me for something like that? It has 4 USB ports, DVI-D port, VGA port and the power cable.

    • admin
      23 February 15, 4:31pm

      Would not be interested in it. Thanks.

      • Mandy
        23 February 15, 4:32pm

        Do you know of anyone that would be interested?

        • admin
          23 February 15, 4:32pm

          I do not

  26. Ashley
    29 July 15, 6:39pm

    How much for a ue boom bluetooth speaker.

  27. hunter
    22 November 15, 11:21pm

    do you have to be a certain age to sell something? Do you buy snowboards i have one that is brand new ad has never had bindings mounted on it.

    • admin
      13 December 15, 12:46am


    • admin
      25 March 16, 6:46pm

      18 with valid ID

  28. Erica Mortensen
    23 January 16, 11:40pm

    Do you guys have any women’s snowboards, boots, and bindings?

    • admin
      10 February 16, 11:17pm

      Everything we have is listed on KSL

  29. fred
    16 March 16, 11:21pm

    how much could I get for a torch with gauges

    • admin
      21 March 16, 6:05pm

      Depends on condition and brand. How much are you trying to get?

  30. Dexter
    12 May 16, 11:37pm

    Will you guys take an original Xbox, with controllers and games? Everything works and is in pretty good shape

    • admin
      14 May 16, 5:51pm

      We will not, sorry

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